Frequently Asked Questions

What size and type of pool table do I have?

There are many different sizes of tables out there and it is important to know what size you have. 3x6, 3 1/2x7, 4x8, 4x8 Over size, 41/2 x9 Tournament, 5x10 Snooker, 6x12 English Billiards, Bumper Pool as well as other unique shapes. See our size chart to find out what you have.

What make of pool table do I have?

Typically you can find a name placard on the top of the end rail and sometimes on the aprons of one of the end rails. It’s not uncommon that you won’t have one on your table in which case it may be a table manufactured overseas. It is also important that you know if your table has a one piece slate or a three piece slate. Coin operated pool tables are a solid piece of slate and more often than not a domestic or home table has a 3 piece slate.

Do I have enough room for a pool table?

I always advise that you need a minimum of 4 feet around the table to still play comfortably. 5 feet or more around the table is most ideal. A lot of times there is a wall or a post that is in the way or creates a tight spot around the table. In a situation like that I recommend buying a shorter cue stick as a solution. We carry them on the truck for your convenience.

Can I re-use the same felt (cloth) that was on there before?

Nine times out of ten we can certainly re use the previous cloth if it was taken off correctly. There is a chance that the cloth was installed poorly and does not give us the right amount to work with to properly install. Although the odds are very low, it is a possibility.

What is used to seam the slates and fill screw holes?

We use bee’s wax to fill the seams of the slate and the slate screw holes. That is the correct way to do it. Bee’s wax remains malleable. It can flex with any shifting and settling that happens to the home or building. We have seen so many incorrect products used to do this all with the same result. Things like wall spackle, auto body filler, candle wax and even bubble gum. Using a product that doesn’t flex will crack underneath your felt and cause rough spots. Using auto body filler not only cracks apart but also needs to be chipped out with a chisel putting the slates at risk of breaking.

What to look for when buying a pool table?

When looking to purchase a used table there are a few things to look for that if overlooked can wind up costing you a lot of money to repair. Make sure that the slates are not broken. Bounce a ball off each rail and make sure it bounces back, if not, the cushion rubber may be dried out and needs to be replaced. Feel free to call us while you are looking at one and we will be happy to help you.

Can you give me any tips about my billiard table?

1. Do not attempt to move your pool table on your own. You can damage the table, and more importantly, yourself!

2. Vacuum the top of the table to keep it free of debris that can stain the felt. You can use a shop vac or the hose of your household vacuum. For a thorough cleaning, Straight Shot Pool Tables can provide a deep cleaning of your pool table which includes pockets and inner components.

3. Keep your pool table out of direct sunlight. The sunlight will discolor your felt and dry out the wood and leather if present on your billiard table. Sunlight if screened by window coverings is ok.

4. Treat your pool table to a professional, full-service inspection at least once per year. This includes an extensive table deep cleaning, rail inspection, re-felting or recovering if necessary, leather conditioning, table leveling and polishing.