We work on all makes and models of pool tables and billiard tables. There are hundreds of different types of tables with many different parts that can fail from breakage or wear-and-tear. Whether you need rail cushion replacement, re-felting, pocket repair or replacement, leveling or re-leveling, or just need to give it a thorough inspection and cleaning, we’re here to help.

Some of these parts are difficult to identify, but our years of experience have given us the opportunity to work on thousands of tables with all different types of problems. Believe us when we say, we have seen everything. We are able to troubleshoot and repair your table with confidence, no matter the age, make, or model. Many of the issues and needed repairs that we see are avoidable just by moving, setting up and maintaining the table correctly during its lifetime. We’ll not only tell you the problem, but also why the issue occurred.